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Year's first blood donation camp was conducted successfully by JCI Vizag Steel City.

Updated: Feb 13

Donating blood helps your cardiovascular health overall. Increased iron content in the blood increases the risk of heart disease. Regular blood donation, especially for men, helps to lower the quantity of iron in the blood. This may cut the risk of a heart attack by 88%. Furthermore, frequent blood donation may reduce the incidence of serious cardiovascular events like stroke by 33%.

JCI Vizag Steel City, in collaboration with Sri Satya Sai Seva Samithi, organized the year's first blood donation camp at Ukkunagaram.

On Sunday, the event was organized at the Sri Satya Sai Social Service Center in Ukkunagaram. The event's chief guest was RINL's Chief General Manager of Blast Furnace Sri Ranjan Mohanty. During his speech, he prayed for the quick recovery of the nine RINL workers who are in critical condition after a fire at the RINL Steel Plant.

Jc Leela Rani, on behalf of JCI Vizag Steel City, extended her prayers and support for Sri Saty Sai Seva Samiti's future blood donation camps.

A total of 66 units were collected in the campaign. Jc Soma Sundar, Past President of JCI Vizag steel City donated blood for the 19th time.

Jc Ravi Kumar lead the event as Project Director and Jc Jaya Lakshmi, Jc Vamsidhar, Jc Satwik LO Secretary, attended the event.

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