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Vizag Steel City excels at Sahenshah – The Mid-Year Conference of Region-E

On July 25, 2021, Region-E, Zone IV JCI India hosted its Midcon- Sahenshah at Hotel V Pride in Visakhapatnam.

10 LOMs from Region E Zone IV JCI India attended the magnificent Zone IV MIDCON organised by JCI Vizag Achievers. The event was launched by Zone President JCI PPP Harshavardhan Reddy and included the honourable JCI Senator NL Bhagwaan, the Past EVP of JCI India as chief guest and JCI Senator V Pavan Kumar, the NOM Coordinator for JCI India, as the Guest of Honor.

JCI Senator Ranjit Sah, Zone Vice President Region-E, who chaired the event, commended all the LOMs in the Region for their contributions to Zone IV’s development and success.

JCI Vizag Steel City outnumbered the other LOMs in every functional area. The LOM earned 31 awards during the conference.

Individual awards 1) Outstanding LOM President: JC BIPAK 2) Outstanding LGB Officer: Jc Rithvik 3) Outstanding Active new member: Jc Santoshini 4) Outstanding Lady JCI member: Jc Leelarani 5) Outstanding Active Member in all areas: Jc Ashalatha 6) Active Jcrt member: Jc Liza Pradhan 7)Outstanding Active JJc member: JJc K Sahithi 8) Outstanding Lom Adviser: JFD G . Vamsidhar

LOM Award 1)Outstanding Impact 2030 and UNSDG 2)Outstanding Community & Development 3)Outstanding Training Program 4)Outstanding JJc wing 5)Outstanding Businesses Activity

Zone officers Recognitions: 1. ZD Management for MRF 2. ZC Business Recognition 3.ZC Impact 2030 and UNSDG

Lucky Dip Winners: 1. Jc Subrat Das

Cultural Activities Recognitions: 1. JC ASHALATHA 2. JJc K sahithi

Special Recognitions for Midcon Businesses 1.JC Rojarani 2JC .K.Sarojini

Special Recognition for writing MIDCON song Lyrics 1.JC ASHALATHA

Special Recognition for sponsorship 1.Jc K.Sarojini 2.Jc Ashalatha 3.Jc Leelarani 4.JC Santoshini

Recognition for Midcon committee Members 1.Jc Jayalakshmi 2.JC G Vamsidhar 3.JC S Roopa 4.JC Anudeep 5.Jc K Sarojini 6 JC Ashalatha

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