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Understanding Startup, MSME and Govt Assistance- JCI Rise Trio Days

In the year 2020, JCI has launched a new initiative to sustain and rebuild economies and strengthen workforce morale as we face the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic together. This initiative, JCI RISE, stands for Rebuild, Invest, Sustain, Evolve. It calls upon enterprising young leaders across the world to work together to make economies and workforces more resilient.

JCI Rise Trio Days are being organised by Zone IV of JCI India from September 20th to September 22nd, 2021. JCI Rise Day is celebrated on September 22nd.

Vizag Steel City is putting on a variety of awareness and training events for the community’s Jaycees and non-Jaycees. On the first day, the National Trainer Jc Jaya Lakshmi presented an online awareness and training session on “Crochet as a Cottage Industry.” Jc Jaya Lakshmi runs a modest home-based crochet and macramé business. The trainer demonstrated how crocheting, which is often done by women at home, can be turned into a cottage enterprise.

Jc Satish Namburi, a semi-qualified CA and Past President of JCI Kakinada Port held the participants’ attention till the end of Day 2 of the JCI Rise Trio Days. The second day focused on “Startup, MSME, and Government Assistance.” Satish Namburi is also the managing director of the NS Tax Consultancy firm in Kakinada, which has over 6000 happy clients. With the advent of Indian youth skewed towards startups and the existence of MSMEs since 2001, things are getting more organized and advanced. Being a young nation, India is turning out to be an overtly transforming nation. The government too is shy no more in introducing beneficial schemes for supporting MSMEs to exist and grow swiftly. The trainer outlined the different government schemes available to assist young entrepreneurs and startups.

Vizag Steel City is organising activities for Kaniti ZP School children to promote good health and wellness on the final day of JCI Rise Trio Days on September 22, 2021.

Zone Director Management Jc Anirudh Sistla and Zone Coordinator JCI Rise Jc Santhoshini praised LOM President Jc Bipak Kumar Pradhan and the LOM’s efforts to provide meaningful community activities. On the first day of the Trio Days of Vizag Steel City, Zone Vice President Jc Ranjit Sah was the Chief Guest.

JCI Rise helped over 50 Jaycees and non-Jaycees in the region.

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