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Two LOM Officers graduate from JCI India Speechcraft 2021

LOM Officers Jc Asha Latha and Jc P Vamsi graduated speechcraft from JCI India Speechcraft 2021 conducted at JCI Palakolu Raising on 16th, 17th and 18th of April 2021.

26 LOM officers from Zone IV, JCI India, attended the three-day course organised by JCI Palakolu Raising in Kakinada.

Speechcraft is a program to develop the public speaking ability and so much more. The program is not held in a classroom, and members do not receive a grade. They will gain confidence in all aspects of communication, including written and impromptu speeches, audio-visual aids, body language, active listening, and critical evaluation. A speechcraft graduate can appear for Zone Trainers Workshop to become a certified trainer.

Pilot faculty JC Dr Ravi Kanth headed the training team, which included National Trainers JC Nagireddy and JC Krishna Bhaskar.

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