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Training Seminar for LOM Officers held

LOM Officers Training Seminar- LOTS is a Management and Administrative course for the LOM Officers.

LOM Officers Training Seminar – LOTS for the year 2021 is held at Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh on 27th & 28th of Feb 2021. JCI Kakinada Port, JCI Kakinada Smart, JCI Kakinada Queens and JCI Kakinada Milestone hosted the event at D Convention, Kakinada.

JCI Vizag Steel City President Jc Bipak Kumar Pradhan and his four LOM officers Jc Anudeep LOM Treasurer, Jc Ritvik VP Management, Jc Asha Latha VP Programs and Jc Roja Rani Director Programs participated with 173 other LOM officers of Zone IV in this training seminar.

Past National President (2013) JCI Senator N Ramakrishna inaugurated the seminar and the Senior Zone Leaders of JCI India, JCI Sen Dr Murali, JCI Sen K V Rao, JCI PPP Rahul and JCI PPP Jyothi Sridhar delivered the training for the two days.

LOTS is a Management and Administrative training seminar for LOM Officers where they learn the duties and responsibilities of the office they hold. It equips them with the knowledge to prepare the agenda, conduct the meetings effectively, reporting and maintaining the records, setting LOM goals and achieving them.