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Sustainable development Goals in the Community with JCI Vizag Steel City

The use of electrical and electronic equipment is expanding worldwide. When these products reach their end of life, a significant portion of the equipment is improperly sorted, shipped illegally around the world, and then disposed of or treated in substandard ways. To ensure that these products' ecological footprint is minimized before they are manufactured, a sizable amount of work is still needed during the design phase. The United Nations has vowed to gradually address the issue of e-waste in recent years. The complexity of this waste stream necessitates the involvement of numerous specialized entities from various fields.

In order to address the entire life cycle of electrical and electronic equipment, it is crucial to continue this involvement. Therefore JCI Vizag Steel City initiated the project "E-Green Era" in the year 2021 to bring awareness to electronic goods consumers on the safe disposal of e-waste.

Those living in a gated community in Kurmannapalem had their electronic waste collected by JCI Vizag Steel City, who also held an informational session on the proper disposal of such items.

The event was led by the Project Director Jc Anjali Verma, a fresh graduate and a new member of the LO.

Residents of the gated community praised JCI's efforts to keep the environment safe and asked that similar events be held more regularly.

In 2021, Jc Leela Rani, then VP of IMPACT 2030, envisioned and launched E-Green Era. The LO has collected over 2 tons of E-waste since then.

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