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Sporting events were held to celebrate Day 4 of JCI Week.

Come rain or shine, we shall have fun!

This phrase was literally true during the JCI Vizag Steel City sports activities at Madhavadhara on September 12th, when the rain did not deter sports enthusiasts from having a good time.

The Madhavadhara Varma Complex staged the Open Boxing Championship for Juniors and Seniors. Thirty youthful fighters accepted the challenge and delighted the audience. JCI Vizag Steel City presented awards to the winners which were sponsored by Asha Raj foundation. Sri Soudha and Sri Basha of SR Boxing Coaching Center were honoured as boxing coaches during the event.

Later the evening, a Kabaddi match was held at Ukkunagaram for the Junior Trainees of Vizag Steel Plant.

“During the COVID-19 epidemic, sports have brought people together. Sport, in addition to its direct physical health advantages, may be a vehicle for well-being, tolerance, and a method of increasing awareness and bridging cultural divides. We spread awareness on Junior Chamber International” – Jc Bipak Kumar Pradha, LOM President JCI Vizag Steel City.

Jc Anil, the Program Coordinator for the Day 4 JCI Week activity, did an excellent job organising these activities.

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