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Promotion of Menstrual Hygiene among Adolescent girls

As a part of Bandhan- Women Utsav celebrations day 3 of JCI, awareness on menstrual hygiene among adolescent girls was conducted across India.

It is common to find adolescent girls, especially from rural schools remaining absent for a long period, owing to menstruation. Often, parents themselves do not know how to handle the physical and emotional development of their adolescent girls, particularly menstruation. As a result, often after a girl attains puberty, she is forced to stay at home and miss school during her periods. In many cases, parents stop sending their girls to school. This is one of the reasons why we find fewer girls in high schools than in primary school. Since girls are not properly educated about menstruation, it ends up causing fear, confusion, and anxiety. Unclean menstrual hygiene practices also cause infections.

JCI Vizag Steel City conducted menstrual hygiene awareness program for girls of Gloria Vidhya Kendram School at Kurmannapalem. 120 adolescent girls attended the program.

“The menstrual hygiene awareness program aims to encourage hygienic practices during menstruation, to address myths & misconceptions and to enable adolescent girls to speak about menstrual issues without inhibition. JCI India has collaborated with Niine under its National program Prayas to spread awareness on this issue” Jc Jaya Lakshmi, National Trainer JCI India

Ms Navya Luthra from CSR Cell of RINL and Jc Jaya Lakshmi talked about the periods and the precautions to be observed during the periods. Jc Leela Rani, VP IMPACT 2030 explained how to safely dispose the Sanitary pads. Speaking on the occasion VP Program Jc Asha Latha thanked Ms Santhosi who is a sanitary Napkin manufacturer for distributing Sanitary pads to all the girls who attended the session. On the request from Principal Sister Bindu, Jc Jaya Lakshmi conducted a session on behavioural changes in adolescence to the boys.

Sister Bindu thanked JCI Vizag Steel City President Jc Bipak Kumar Pradhan and team for conducting the awareness program.

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