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Project E-Green Era attracts a younger demographic

Junior Jaycees from JCI India’s Zone XII organised a webinar on electronic waste, bringing a larger audience to the initiative E-Green Era.

JCI Vizag Steel City’s Project E-Green Era is a programme to raise community awareness about electronic waste management. JCI India has accepted the initiative as a national initiative, and the LOMs are doing awareness webinars throughout the zone. Bringing the younger generation to this project, Zone XII conducted a webinar for its Junior Jaycee wing on the 16th of May,2021.

Junior Jaycee Wing of JCI Buddhapurnima Hyderabad hosted the event online to which Zone President Zone XII Jc Sheela Manjunath was Chief Guest and ZVP Region C of Zone XII Jc Revanth Chalamala was Guest of honour.

Using engaging and entertaining images, the Speaker and Project Director Jc Leela Rani of JCI Vizag Steel City discussed and drew to the children’s attention the negative impacts of E-waste and how we can manage it.

Speaking on the occasion, Chairperson JC Saritha Chitta, Zone Director Junior Jaycee Zone XII, complimented Jc Leela Rani for the clear and easy-to-understand presentation on E-Waste awareness and stated that the Zone will hold more such awareness events in the future, involving the Jcrt wing as well.

Jc Lavanya Lahari, Zone Director for Jayceerette Wing, IPZP Zone XII Jc Santosh Nalla, Jc Bipak Kumar Pradhan LOM President JCI Vizag Steel City, Jc Adhir Kumar Nayak Zone Coordinator Programs Zone IV, were among the key Jaycees in attendance.

JCI Vizag Steel City’s Jc Vamsidhar, Jc Jayalakshmi, and Jc Rameswara Rao were given the opportunity to talk about the project.

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