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On Friendship Day, National President visit to Strengthen the Bond.

JFP Rakhi Jain, National President of JCI India, paid an official visit to Zone IV from August 1st to August 3rd, 2021.

“You can make more friends in two months by becoming interested in other people than you can in two years by trying to get other people interested in you.”— Dale Carnegie

Recently, women in leadership have received a lot of attention. NP Rakhi Jain has proven that female leadership styles and the beneficial effect of women in an organisation have a positive influence within the organisation. According to the perception of many, women’s communication style is “superior.” Organizations with more women in leadership are 1.4 times more likely to have sustained, profitable growth.

JCI India under the leadership of JC Rakhi Jain has crossed 50K membership and 66 Lakhs in LMC towards the foundation, by mid of this year. It is an amazing result that has surpassed the expectations of many, in JCI. She is inquisitive, observant, quick-witted and enigmatic. She is the National President of JCI India, and she has already made the year 2021 one to remember for years to come.

Zone IV Region D and E members were excited to see her on August 1, 2021, when she paid an official visit to the region. All members found the day to be particularly memorable because it was International Friendship Day. The meeting was especially notable since it took place after a lengthy period of time owing to pandemic limitations. “कबके बिछड़े हुए हम आज कहाँ आ के मिले” feelings were on the faces of those who had not seen each other for quite some time now. As the LOM Presidents gave their LOMs report, the room was filled with excitement and passion.

President of JCI Vizag Steel City Jc Bipak Kumar Pradhan delivered an enthusiastic report on the LOM’s performance to date, its excellence in the IMPACT 2030 initiative E Green Era, and various Women Empowerment Programs. He was recognised with “National President Pin” by The National President, for his contribution towards 50K membership.

Zone President JCI PPP Harshavardhan Reddy congratulated all LOMs for their hard effort in achieving the organization’s 2021 goals and establishing history by giving 2554 members and more than 15 lakh LMC from the Zone.

Past President of the LOM JC Jaya Lakshmi, LOM Advisor Jc Vamsidhar, VP Programs Jc Asha Latha, VP Business Jc Sarojini, VP IMPACT 2030 Jc Leela Rani and LOM JJc Chairperson JJc Sahithi represented the LOM at the event.

The event was chaired by JCI Senator GPR Krishna, LOM President of JCI Vizag.

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Picture courtesy: Magic Moments India, Visakhapatnam

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