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Mom-daughter duo standout with social Enterprise ideas

Last week, there was a flurry of activity at JCI Vizag Steel City. JJC Sahiti made a name for herself by leading a multi-zone workshop on “Best out of Waste,” while her mother, JC Sarojini, led a “Mural Art” workshop as part of the LOM’s Able Women in Entrepreneurship initiative.

JJc Sahiti, a standard 11 student, is the Junior Jaycee President of JCI Vizag Steel City LOM. She enjoys giving back to society and raising awareness about environmental safety. She conducted a workshop on how to make good use of the old newspapers under “best out of Waste” project. She demonstrated how to make unique photo frames and wall hangings out of discarded newspapers. While JCI Vizag Steel City hosted the online event, JCI Port Amigos of Zone IV, JCI Sambalpur, JCI Jharsuguda, and JCI Angul City of Zone IX also cohosted and participated.

JCI Senator Harshavardhan Reddy, Zone President Zone IV and the event’s chief guest, praised the presenter’s ingenuity and the concept behind the workshop in making the greatest use of trash. JCI Senator Rajit Sah, ZVP of Region E Zone IV, and JFP Ashish Agarwal, ZVP Zone IX, both commended JJc Sahiti’s efforts and thanked the LOM for including the other LOMs and Zones in this beneficial project.

Jc Sarojini, VP Business of JCI Vizag Steel City, and mother of JJc Sahiti, a graduate in fine arts from Andhra University, led a 2-day workshop on “Mural Art” as part of the LOM’s Able Women in Entrepreneurship project and JCI Rise programme. On the first day of the workshop, Jc Sarojini demonstrated how to prepare and utilise clay for the audience.

Mural art traditionally involved painting on walls. So, the 16th-century fresco painting in the Sistine Chapel in Italy by Michelangelo is a classic example of mural art. Over time, this art form has evolved and incorporated many 3-dimensional or sculptural elements to give birth to what is known as 3D mural art. The 3D form of mural art involves creating sculpture-like art forms and putting them together on a flat surface (base) like a wall or a flat canvas and then painting/finishing the artwork. This course benefitted around 40 attendees. The event was attended by ZVP Rajit Sah, Zone Director Business Jc Santhoshini and Zone Coordinator Programs Jc Adhir Kumar Nayak.

JCI Vizag Femi Power and JCI Vizag Port Amigos cohosted this event with JCI Vizag Steel City.

The mother-daughter also distributed over 50 facemasks in the community as a part of COVID-19 awareness program.

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