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We’re looking forward to #OneFuture with 2021 President Ryubun Kojima! This presidential tagline showcases the perseverance that unites all JCI members around the world. We can’t wait to see what this year holds.

In2021, we’re focusing on strategic goals to grow new partnerships, bring more development opportunities than ever before for our members and revitalize the JCI brand. JCI President Ryubun Kojima will be leading the 2021 Board of Directors in this direction. Watch his welcome message to JCI members all over the world.

2021 JCI President Ryubun Kojima’s welcome message

In 2020, we all faced new challenges.2020 JCI President Itai rose to the occasion and showed us all what empathetic leadership looks like. Through the JCI RISE initiative, JCI’s global response to COVID-19 and the success of our first-ever virtual events, President Itai made 2020 a year to remember. Watch his farewell message.

2020 JCI President Itai Manyere’s farewell message

Watch Secretary General Kevin Hin outline of JCI’s 2021 implementation plan that can act as a blueprint for national organizations around the world.

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