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Leadership Training at Presidential Academy Concluded Today

69 newly elected LOM Presidents attended Presidential Academy 2021, willing to learn and ready to change.

Presidential Academy 2021 at Rajahmundry

Presidential Academy is a transforming training Seminar presented by JCI India to the newly elected LOM Presidents in the Zone. The two-and-a-half-day seminar is designed for the New Presidents to sharpen their leadership skills in order to lead their LOM members for the year 2021.

Inaugural ceremony of Presidential Academy 2021

LOM President Jc Bipak Kumar Pradhan of JCI Vizag Steel City along with 68 LOM Presidents of Zone IV and Zone XII attended this prestigious program of JCI India. JCI Rajahmundry Rockstars hosted this event at Hotel Anand Regency, Rajahmundry city from 29 January to 31 January.

It is a great opportunity and learning experience for me in JCI. I am the lucky one to get a chance to attend PA. I am a transformed leader now to lead my LOM members and my life as well. Jc Bipak Pradhan, 2021 LOM President JCI Vizag Steel City