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Key members shepherd the New Governing Body with orientation

We don’t become leaders by just coming into Governing Board, you must know the role of the post that you are holding as a LOM Officer and maintain the dignity of the Organisation. -JC Jaya Lakshmi, JCI National Trainer & LOM Past President

The Orientation for the 7th Governing Board of JCI Vizag Steel City was held on January 24, physically. Key member of the LOM and its Past President, National Trainer JC Jaya Lakshmi gave orientation to expound their roles as a LOM Officers. Senior member and 2020 Zone Secretary, JC Vamsidhar guided the young officers through Project Ideation and documentation. In addition to the 13 members of the Governing Board, 4 participants such as 2021 Zone Director Training and LOM Past President JC Roopa Sundar, 2020 Zone Coordinator and LOM Past President JC Som Sundar, IPP JC Adhir Kumar Nayak and Past LOM JC rt wing Chair Person Jcrt Liza joined the meeting.

The orientation was followed by the LOM’s First Governing Board meeting for the year 2021. The Governing Board, after the active discussion, approved Work plan and budget for the February month of 2021.

This is the first time for JCI Vizag Steel City to organise the Governing Board Meeting physically, post COVID-19 restrictions. The meeting also had the presence of Junior Jaycee wing President for the first time. Junior Jaycee wing President, JJC Sahiti took the privilege to hand over the donations made by the Junior Jaycees of the LOM to the Treasurer.

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