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Jyotirbhava- JCI Empowering Rural Women

While significant improvements have been achieved in the lives and well-being of women globally over the past few decades, rural women across the world continue to face multiple and intersecting challenges.

 Jyotirbhava- a flagship project of JCI Vizag Steel City started in the year 2017 to empower rural women. A need in guiding the rural women to use various State Govt welfare Schemes is identified.  Various workshops and training sessions are being conducted for the rural women on entrepreneurial skills. LOM associates with various Women Welfare bodies, advancing the goals of gender equality and empowerment of women to ensure that women and men are accorded equal treatment and enjoy the same opportunities. 

Yesterday, a skill testing exam was organized by the JCI Vizag Steel City with Asharaj Foundation at Srirama Nagar colony, Lankelapalem.  240 Women who have undergone 60 days of training on Stitching and Beautician, appeared for the exam.  Women who clear the exam will get a Sewing machine and Beautician kit, to start their business. The Results will be announced next week.