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Junior Jaycees To The Rescue of Poor and Underprivileged

The COVID-19 Pandemic has left the underprivileged in few areas, neglected and see no relief from the chilly winter nights.

On the early hours of Sunday, the Junior Jaycee wing of JCI Vizag Steel City came to the rescue of the poor and underprivileged of the RH colony in Aganampudi village by distributing Rugs. JJc President JJc Sahiti said “The idea of distributing rugs to the needy has motivated the JJc’s of the LOM to raise fund by donating their own pocket money.” JJc Sri Teja, JJc Ram Teja, JJc Shanmukhdatta, JJc Hema Hasini, JJc Anvita, JJc Hadassa and JJc Abhishek contributed their pocket money for the cause.

24 blankets were distributed to the destitute, living deep inside the Aganampudi Village. Many residents of the RH Colony live in huts with very less or no basic amenities. “We have been conducting a survey of these kind of villages and people with the help of the local residents, during the COVID-19 Pandemic and marked the very poor and disabled residents of this village” – said LOM VP Programs JC Ashalatha.

ZVP- Elect Region E, JCI Sen Ranjeet Sah appreciated the efforts of the young team and said ” The extension of project being initiated during the LOM 7th Installation program recently , show the dedication and commitment of the members“. He congratulated the JJc wing of the Vizag Steel City led by JJc Sahithi on successful completion of a project with a noble cause.

Young Jaycees JC Ritwik , JC Satvik, LOM President Jc Bipak Pradhan, IPP Jc Adhir and the LOM seniors also participated in the event and supported the Junior Jaycees in this noble cause.

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