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JCI Vizag Steel City Launch Free Online Consultancy for Arthritis

JCI Vizag Steel City and Lee Pharma Ltd provided free online consultation for arthritis patients on the fifth day of the JCI week celebration. The team, led by Dr K Hema, an orthopaedic from Hyderabad, and with technical help from Lee Pharma, performed live consultations through video and phone conversations.

Arthritis refers to a range of painful diseases that affect the joints of the body. Arthritis may be severely debilitating for many individuals. To address this issue, Lee Pharma Ltd collaborated with JCI Vizag Steel City to offer a free online consultation and prescription service to those suffering from arthritis. On September 13th, the session lasted 5 hours and helped 25 Arthritis sufferers. The doctor gave medication and suggested a few physical activities to help them get rid of the discomfort.

” We must all be aware that regular exercise may significantly lessen arthritis discomfort. The second step of getting rid of this discomfort is to eat the right food and use the right medication.” – said Jc Leela Rani, Program coordinator and Lee Pharma Director.

Mr Suresh and Mr Gourav Hari Das of Lee Pharma Ltd provided technical support for this event.

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