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JCI Vizag Steel City equips 4 schools with hand sanitizers

Junior Chamber International India is celebrating JCI Week from September 9th to September 15th, during which all LOMs across India will perform different socially helpful initiatives and celebrate success. This is also JCI India’s largest public relations campaign.

JCI Vizag Steel City is partnering with Lee Health Domain Pvt. Ltd, Hyderabad-based research and development-based pharmaceutical firm, to provide Sanitisers to schools in the Kurmannapalem region. The team donated 50 litres of hand sanitiser to four schools in the area, helping over 3000 kids and staff.

The recipients include ZP School Kanithi, Nirmala Vidyalaya, Gloria Vidya Kendram, and Visakha Vimala Vidyalaya.

“With the reopening of schools and the presence of the third wave, we wish to assist these schools in maintaining self-cleanliness and continuing their education.” – Jc Ramakrishna, Program Director of Day 1 JCI Week.

Jc Rameswara Rao, LOM Charter President, educated students about the CORONA Virus and how to prevent its transmission as part of the programme.

Lee Pharma Ltd, popularly known for its research-based food supplements to enhance life, extends regular support to UNSD Goals of JCI.

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