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JCI "Miracle with Millets" at School Fun Fair attracts parents.

During its installation, JCI Vizag Steel City launched this year's annual project "Miracle with Millets" with Lee Health Domain Pvt(I) Ltd to meet the mission of IYM2023.

Jc Lavanya conducting an awareness session on the Benefits of millet. at Vrindavan Playschool

There was a marathon of events by JCI Vizag Steel City on Saturday. Starting with an event at Worldwide Dimond Manufactures Pvt Ltd on the occasion of world cancer day it conducted two more events. These events were conducted under the flagship project "Miracle with Millets"

"Miracle with Millets" at Vrindavan Playschool

Jc Lavanya, Project Director of "Miracle with Millets," held awareness sessions for kindergarten parents about millets and their benefits for child growth. J.C. Lavanya is a qualified nutritionist. Parents were invited to compete in a cooking competition using millet. Parents took part enthusiastically and shared their interesting Millet recipes.

The winners received Lee Health Domain Pvt (I) Ltd health products. Lee Health Domain is the official partner of JCI Vizag Steel City in achieving common sustainable goals.

Jc Lavanya, speaking on millets said- " The millet-based diet helps kids be more active and fight anemia. It helps boost their brain development and immunity, protecting them against seasonal illnesses."

"Miracle with Millets" at DePaul School Ukkunagaram Fun Fair

Later that evening, JCI Vizag Steel City set up a stall in the JCI Business Expo category at De Paul School Fun Fair to promote millet products and homemade healthy food products by Jc Roja Rani. The event drew a large number of parents, allowing LO to promote the benefits of millet while also doing business with interested parents. Jc Anjali, a young MBA graduate, and Junior Jc Anvita participated actively, along with LO President Jc Leela Rani and Past President Jc Jaya Laksmi.

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