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JCI India calls for Honesty and Integrity on Integrity Day.

JCI Vizag Steel City Celebrates Integrity Day by administering Integrity Oath to the people in the community and putup honesty shop at schools to emphasize choosing of thoughts and action based on values rather than personal gains.

JCI Vizag Steel City administered Oath to students and staff of various schools near Visakhapatnam Steel Plant. ABS school at Lankelapalem, GVMC School of Scindia New Colony, Divine Kids at Aganampudi, Children at Shivaji Nagar pledged to honesty and Integrity. Members invited their friends and family to take the oath online to create greater impact. National Director Programs JCI PPP Rajita Poosarla, Zone Vice President JCI Senator Ranjit Sah, Zone Director Programs JFP G S N Varma, LOM Senior Jaycee and Lion JC Yogesh Kumar Garg and Zone Director Jc Roopa Saripuri are among the key members who took part in the online oath-taking program hosted by the LOM. JJc President JJc Sahiti administered the Oath to the online participants.

Speaking on the occasion, ND Programs Rajita Poosarla, appreciated the efforts of the LOM in carrying out the programs effectively.

JCI drives the young people to drive the world towards positive direction. India is a land of values and ethics, so to inculcate such values of integrity and honesty We organize integrity day to nurture the next generation in building a better place to live in JCI PPP Rajita Poosarla National Director Programs, JCI India

Jc Asha Latha, LOM Vice President programs and Jc Roja Rani, LOM Vice President Community Development administered the oath to one hundred students & twenty staff members of ABS school at Lankelapalem. The couple likewise set up trustworthiness shop on the premises which will proceed for a week and will be upheld by the students