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How JCI is closing the gap on World Cancer Day

The 2022-2024 theme for World Cancer Day is “Close the Care Gap,” which focuses on decreasing inequities and taking action to make a positive difference for those with the disease.

On World Cancer Day, December 4, 2023, JCI Vizag Steel City collaborated with Lee Health Domain Pvt (I) Ltd to host a cancer awareness session at Worldwide Diamond Manufacturers Pvt Ltd, Duvvada VSEZ Visakhapatnam.

JCI Vizag Steel City has been conducting various activities on cancer awareness since 2021 to close the gap on cancer. Yesterday, it conducted an awareness session for cancer and how to survive, prevent and support cancer patients for the working and nonworking staff of Worldwide Diamond Manufacturing company.

Appreciating the efforts of JCI Vizag Steel City, Chief Guest Mrs. Veena, Head of Global Compliance at WDM said "It is crucial that we recognize this day and support it because the death toll of cancer victims is shockingly high. And I am happy that we have JCI in our community which is organizing cancer awareness campaigns regularly."

Ms Veena, Head of Global Compliance WDM addressing the gathering