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Food is Energy, Let’s Not Waste It-JCI Green Kitchen

JCI Vizag Steel City hosted a Multi LOM IMPACT 2030 online training on 17th June 2021 on composting from kitchen waste.

JCI Vizag Steel City launched and executed the JCI Green Kitchen initiative in 2019, an idea conceived by LOM charter President Jc Rameswara Rao. Since the project’s start, the LOM has been delivering live and online seminars to enhance participants’ perceptions, knowledge, and skills regarding the best feasible, ecologically safe, and cheap ways to dispose of their kitchen trash.

The project’s specific goal is to provide training and educational tools to encourage people to actively engage in the process of sustainable organic waste management through composting, as well as to develop a source of revenue from it. Jc Rameswara Rao, LOM Past President, JCI Vizag Steel City

The trainer Jc Leela Rani Alla, Vice President IMPACT 2030 of JCI Vizag Steel City is also a Director at Lee Health Domain India Pvt. Ltd. She is a BITS Pilani alumni and nature lover who initiated E Green Era project this year to manage E-Waste.

The attendees learned about the science of composting as well as a do-it-yourself approach for growing healthy plants at home using kitchen trash. Topics covered were

What is composting? • Why use compost? • Making of compost? • What to put in? • What not to put in? • The layers of compost • Management of compost. • Compost use • Practical demonstration.

JCI Vizag Sthree Sankalp, JCI Vizag Fami Power, JCI Vizag Post Amigos, JCI Vizag, JCI Vizag Achievers and JCI Visakha Pleiadeans organised this program to which Zone President JCI Senator Harshavardhan Reddy was Chief Guest. The other dignitaries were JCI Senator Rajit Sah ZVP Region E, JC GSN Verma ZD Programs, JC Jeevan Jyoti Volla ZC IMPACT 2030.

Following the session, all 43 participants applauded the presentation.

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