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Executive Vice President Visits Region E

Executive Vice President, Area D JCI Senator Adv Rekhesh Sharma was on an official visit to the Zone last week. He was in the Zone from April 1st to April 3rd visiting LOMs and releasing projects.

On the 3rd of April, he paid a visit to Region-E and inaugurated the “Amruthadhara” project in Paderu. JCI Vizag Achievers completed a water scheme for the tribal residents of Kotha Kota village. During a Multi LOM meeting at Hotel Best Western, Visakhapatnam, he interacted with the LOM Presidents and representatives, praising the projects being carried out in the Area.

The event at Best Western was chaired by Jc Bipak Pradhan, LOM President JCI Vizag Steel City, with EVP as Chief Guest. The dais was shared by JCI Senator Harshavardhan Reddy, National Director JCI PPP Rajita Poosarla, Zone Vice President JCI Senator Ranjit Sah, and JCI Senator Anirudh Sistla, Zone Director Management.

The performance report of JCI Vizag Steel City was delivered by Vice President Management JC Ritwik, a young officer, and was congratulated by the EVP and the Guest. Three new members were inducted into JCI Vizag Steel City LOM and were given oath by the Chief Guest.

Speaking at the gathering, National Director (Programs) JCI PPP Rajita Poosarla awarded Jc Vamsidhar G the title of JFD (Jaycee Foundation Donor) in recognition of his excellent contributions to the Zone as Zone Secretary 2020. Jc Vamsidhar served the organisation as Zone Secretary of Zone IV in the year 2020 when JCI PPP Rajita Poosarla was Zone President. During his time, he published the Zone daily E-Newspaper-TWC (Together We Can), which had over 10K viewers worldwide. TWC reported on Zone IV’s daily activities. During the lockout, he also inspired Junior Jaycees of JCI India to write stories, which he collected in a book called “My Covid Days.” During the Zone’s webinars and online trainings, he offered technical assistance.

Zone President JCI Senator Harshavardhan Reddy in his speech appreciated the chairing of the event by Jc Bipak Kumar Pradhan. The Zone representatives felicitated EVP JCI Senetor Rekhesh Sharma. On the morning of April 4th, he bid farewell to the Zone.

EVP Visit Pics

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