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Event of the Year : 7th Installation of JCI Vizag Steel City

The Installation Ceremony of LOM is a momentous ceremony and a long-time JCI tradition.

It is the LOM’s decision how traditional or formal its LOM officer installation and celebration will be. Whether formal or informal, grand or quaint, it can be equally meaningful and momentous.The installation ceremony of the 7th President of the LOM JCI Vizag Steel City and his team of Board members took place at Ukku Club, Ukkunagaram on 2nd January 2021 and stood as the first LOM in the Zone to have installation banquet in 2021.

Ushering into post pandemic era the 2020 LOM President JC Adhir Kumar Nayak appreciated and expressed his gratitude to his team of LOM Governing Board, Members and their family for the efforts and cooperation during the COVID-19 year.

The LOM has quickly adopted to the “New Now” and could successfully conduct various programs and projects both online and offline with the cooperation of the Members and their family during the pandemic year 2020″. JCI PPP Rajita Poosarla, Zone President 2020

In his report he mentioned “It was a momentous year for the LOM with 4 of our members as Zone Officers in the year 2020 as Zone Secretary JC Vamsidhar, ZD Jcrt and Lady LOMs JC Roopa Sundar and ZC Management JC Soma Sundar and got all the support from them in execution of various projects during the difficult times”. He thanked the senior members and past presidents of the LOM Jc Y K Garg, Charter President JC Rameswara Rao, Past President JC Jaya Lakshmi and Past President JC Umamaheswara Rao for their continuous support and guidance. He congratulated Zone Secretary for receiving Zone President Excellency Award and JC Sarojini, JC Roja Rani, JC Subba Lakshmi for Zone Awards and ZD Recognition. The LOM also received recognition from NOM Coordinator No Plastic World JCI Sen Pavan Kumar and NOM Coordinator JCI Week for various activities in the area.

The installation banquet witnessed the grand swearing in ceremony of its LOM 2021 President Jc Bipak Kumar Pradhan and his team of Governing Board Members. Zone President-Elect ,JCI Senator NB Harshavardhan Reddy graced the occasion as the Chief Guest with , GM (QATD) of RINL Jc Ln Y K Garg as Guest of Honour and Zone Vice President- Elect, JCI Senator Ranjeet Sah as Special Invitee. Zone President 2020 PPP Rajita Poosarla,Past Executive Vice President JCI Senator KV Rao, PZP JCI Sen Pavan Kumar, PZP JFM Venugopal, ZC LOM Extension JC Bhuvana as Guest. Co LOM Presidents from JCI Vizag Achievers, JCI Port Amigos, JCI Visakha Valley were among the guests.

After accepting the Presidentship, the President Collar & Gavel was ceremoniously handed over to the installed LOM President JC Bipak Pradhan who later announced his Board Members.


LOM Governing Board 2021 JCI Vizag Steel City

President JC Bipak Pradhan

Immediate Past President JC HGF Adhir Kumar Nayak

Secretary JC Subbalakshmi

Treasurer JC Anudeep


Management Jc Rithwik

Training JC Gayatri Santoshini

Programs Jc Ashalata

Business Jc Sarojini

G&D Jc Manjusha



Management JC Abhijeet

Training Jc Vamsi Krishna

Programs Jc Gouri sankar

Business Jc Subrat

G&D Jc Kiran

Jcrt Chairperson Jcrt Liza Pradhan

JJc President JJc Sahithi


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