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Empowering LO Officers: Comprehensive LDMT conducted at JCI Vizag Steel.

Updated: Feb 20

The LO Development and Management Training for LO Officers was conducted on the 15th of February. Zone Vice President JFP Roopa Saripuri conducted the session which focused on the development and management of the Local Organization. Topics discussed included the duties and responsibilities of the Local Organization Officers and strategies for creating effective and efficient organizational structures. The training aimed to equip LO Officers with the necessary skills and knowledge to enable them to effectively lead the organizations.

On the same day, the first LO Governing Board Meeting was conducted under the leadership of LO President JC Leela Rani. The agenda of the meeting included activities that had to be conducted for the month as well as important decisions that had to be taken. The members of the board discussed the goals and objectives that they needed to achieve in the coming months. They discussed the strategies that needed to be implemented in order to meet the set goals. The meeting concluded with the members making important decisions about the future of the organization.

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