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Effective Public Speaking – Speak Up, Stand Out

“There are always three speeches, for every one you actually gave. The one you practised, the one you gave, and the one you wish you gave.” —Dale Carnegie

Delivering a presentation is easier said than done. Most people are afraid of delivering presentations. Research shows that most people have two types of fears―one is fear of death and the second is fear of public speaking. When you understand the basic tools and techniques, you will be able to overcome the fear of delivering your presentation and impact your audiences effectively.

JCI Vizag Steel City and JCI Vizag Steel Shakti conducted a six-hour training session on “Effective Public Speaking” for the students, self Employed and Employed today, at Hotel Quality Inn Ramachandra, Visakhapatnam. 20 Individuals appeared for this workshop to overcome the stage fear. Jc Bipak Kumar Pradhan President of JCI Vizag Steel City. presided over the inaugural meeting. Zone Director Training Jc Roopa Sundar was the chief Guest for inauguration.

To excel as a successful public speaker, you must learn how to act and dramatize; change your vocal cords; ask questions to your audiences to bring them back to the learning process; and ask them to speak aloud to enhance energy levels Jc Jaya Lakshmi, National Trainer, JCI India. Pilot Faculty for EPS

National Trainer Jc Jaya Lakshmi as the Pilot Faculty, teamed up with Jc Rama Krishna B, Zone Trainer & NLP Master Practisioner and Jc Manjusha Zone Trainer & an MBA graduate, to deliver a transforming session to the participants.

While the Zone Trainer and NLP Master Practitioner, Jc Rama Krishna sailed them through “fear” and “how to overcome it”. National Trainer Jc Jaya Lakshmi trained the participants to deliver the speech effectively. All the 20 participants graduated as speakers.

Fear is one of the most powerful emotions. It has a strong effect on your mind and body. Jc Rama Krishna B, Zone Trainer and NLP Master Practitioner. JCI India Zone IV

Outstanding Transformation recognitions

Winner of the EPS training. JJc Huddassa.

Jc Kalyani, President of JCI Vizag Steel Shakti chaired the valedictory ceremony. All the 20 participants received the EPS graduation certificate.

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