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E-green Era, a project of JCI Vizag Steel City to promote responsible e-waste disposal in the Zone.

India generates about 3 million tonnes (MT) of e-waste annually and ranks third among e-waste producing countries, after China and the United States. Reports state that it might rise to 5 million tonnes by 2021.

JCI Vizag Steel City partnered with Green Waves Environmental Solutions and announced the launching date of the project “E-Green Era” aimed at creating awareness and sensitise the consumers on responsible disposal of electronics and safe practises of recycling.

Green Waves Environmental Solutions is the first authorised unit in e-waste collection and handling in Andhra Pradesh. The unit is authorised by the Andhra Pradesh Pollution Control Board to collect, process and manage the e-waste . On releasing the flyer, Zone President- Elect JCI Senator Harshavardhan Reddy Congratulated JCI Vizag Steel City for coming up with such a need of the hour project. EVP of the Region JCI Senator Ranjeet Sah wished the LOM a grand success.

“To kick start this year-long project we are conducting a webinar on 24th of January,” said JC Bipak Pradhan LOM President JCI Vizag Steel City.

Speaking on the occasion MD of the unit Mr Anil Chowdary said: “Our motto is to make this world a better place to live in by managing E-waste and impart the knowledge on proper E-waste disposal and management to every individual”.

LOM VP IMPACT 2030 Jc Leela Rani will be leading the project as Project Director.

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