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Cancer Awareness Programs by JCI Vizag Steel City

The number of cancer cases in India is estimated to be 13.9 lakh this year and may increase to 15.7 lakh by 2025, with its prevalence being marginally higher among women, according to a report

According to the report released by the ICMR and the Bengaluru-based National Centre for Disease Informatics and Research, in India, the total number of cancer cases in men is estimated to be 6,79,421 in 2020 and may reach 7,63,575 in 2025.

Among women, the total number of incidence cases is estimated to be 7,12,758 in 2020 and likely to reach 8,06,218 in 2025. Breast cancer (2,38,908) is expected to be the most common site of cancer in 2025, followed by cancer in lung (1,11,328) and mouth (90,060).

JCI Vizag Steel City conducted Cancer Awareness programs at Ramanagar Colony near Lankelapalem Village for 190 rural women. Speaking on the occasion, Jc Jaya Lakshmi, JCI India National Trainer and a cancer survivor said ‘To prevent breast, ovarian and cervical cancers it is important that women keep a check on their eating habits and lifestyle”

In a similar spirit a seminar was organised by JCI Gajuwaka Gems at Vignan Engineering College where Jc Jaya Lakshmi mentioned the importance of having healthy eating habits and fitness routine in one’s life. On the occasion, she was honoured by the LOM President, Staff, and students of the Vignan College.

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