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Building Strong Foundations: JCI Vizag Steel City Hosts Bone Health Event for Edify World School

On 25th April, on the occasion of Kid Health Week, JCI Vizag Steel City in collaboration with Edify World School Balapur conducted an online session on Bone Health for students. The session was facilitated by the Academic Head of Edify World School Balapur, Ms. Sailaja, and our JCI President, Ms. Leela Rani Alla.

The session was attended by 60 participants and had 25 logins. It was an interactive and productive session where we got the opportunity to make the students and parents aware of the importance of bone health. The session covered various topics such as the importance of calcium and vitamin D in the growth and development of bones, the impact of physical activity and exercise on bone health, and the harmful effects of smoking and alcohol on bone health.

The session was designed to be interactive, and the students actively participated in it. They asked questions related to bone health, and our Clinical Nutritionist Jc Lavanya, answered them in detail. It was heartening to see the level of enthusiasm and curiosity among the students.

Apart from educating the students on bone health, the session also brought to light some newer topics that parents need to be educated about. We got to know about some of the concerns that parents have regarding their child's bone health and what they can do to ensure that their child's bones remain healthy and strong.

Overall, it was a very productive session, and we appreciate the efforts made by parents and teachers in making it a success. The session highlighted the importance of bone health and how it can impact a child's growth and development. It also gave us new ideas on how we can further work on this topic and bring about more awareness among parents and students.

In conclusion, we would like to thank Jc Leela Rani Alla, President of LO JCI Vizag Steel City and Ms Sailaja , Academic Head of Edify World School for facilitating the session, and we look forward to conducting more such sessions in the future.

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