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Bandhan – Women’s sporting events conducted on day six of Mahila Utsav

JCI India conducted village sports for the lady Jaycees and Jayce rets in their respective LOMs

JCI Vizag Steel City organised village sports like Tug of War, Stapoo for the lady Jaycees and Jaycee Rets of the LOM. The women and girls in the community were also invited to take part in these popular games of rural India. Stapoo, also popularly known as Chindro in North India and Tokkudu billa in South India, is a popular rural game of Indian Sub-Continent. Skipping is another popular game that is an all-time favorite.

The onlookers couldn’t get enough of the exciting sports organised by JCI Vizag Steel City at Mahatma Gandhi Park in Ukkunagaram. The day 6 of the Mahila Utsav has seen a huge participation of women and children with fun.

VP Programs Jc Asha Latha thanking everyone for making the event a grand success, spoke about JCI and its various community development activities to the gathering.

JCrt Chairperson Liza, LOM President Bipak Pradhan, LOM Secretary Jc Subba Laxmi, VP Community Development JC Roja Rani, JCrt Liza , JJc Hema Hasini and JJc Sloka participated with many of the non JCI members.

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