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Bandhan, JCI Mahila Utsav off to an impressive start

Ahead of Women’s Day, JCI India announced its mega celebrations “Bandhan- Mahila Utsav”. The celebrations will be held starting from 2nd to 8th of March 2021 by all LOMs of JCI India.

JCI Vizag Steel City inaugurated the event Bandhan-Mahila Utsav by conducting Women Empowerment Training for the women. The event took place at Sriram Nagar Colony of Lankelapalem Village on 2nd March. LOM Charter President Jc Rameshwara Rao with his wife JCrt Adi Laxmi graced the occasion and shared the information on various Entrepreneurial opportunities for the women in India.

Jc Roja Rani, VP Community Development conducted practical session on Making Healthy Cookies at home. Jc Rameswara Rao explained how ladies can do business by making cookies at home. Jcrt Adi Laxmi conducted a session on organic farming and how to grow vegetables organically at home.

I am happy to see such a good response from these rural women to take up Entrepreneurship. We had 22 women for this training, and they are asking for more of such trainings. JCI is always happy and eager to help them to stand on their feet. Jc Asha latha, Vice President programs

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