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Bandhan- Day 5, Women Entrepreneurs Meet Held

Encouragement of women entrepreneurs is critical for economic development because their presence has a direct impact on raising living standards, job formation, and social independence, both of which lead to better societal outcomes.

The United Nations has set the theme for this year Women’s Day “Women in leadership: Achieving an equal future in a COVID-19 world.”. In this regard it is only apt that the established entrepreneurs of JCI Vizag Steel City encourage the women in the community to take entrepreneurship to lead the society. Jc Leela Rani who is Director Lee Pharma and Jc Jaya Lakshmi who successfully runs Vrindavan Playschool, explained the various government schemes available for women in India and how Government is taking steps to help and encourage Women in entrepreneurship.

I believe that during the pandemic, leadership in all businesses and organisations, regardless of ethnicity, was severely tested. As any conscientious leader will be, I was concerned about the unexpected interruption of practise, target accomplishment, maintaining my team’s morale, and the complexities that arose. The pandemic phase was an unexpected one for which no one was equipped. Still, like every other leader, I persevered and dealt with it the best I could.” Jc Leela Rani, Director Lee Pharma

Ms Varnika who runs a Beauty Parlour demonstrated a few facial treatments and JC Roja Rani spoke about Chocolate making as successful business. 35 ladies who do small business in the community gathered for this meet and exchanged their business cards.

VP Programs Jc Asha Latha who arranged the meet spoke about the establishement of NGOs on sustainable projects is one way of leading life. Jc Asha Latha successfully runs an NGO called Asharaj Shine Foundation which helps the rural women in entreprenuership.

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