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Bandhan Day 2- Free Health Checkup Camp for Women conducted

Bandhan is Mahila Utsav Program of JCI India to celebrate Women’s day starting from 2nd to 8th of March, 2021.

A free medical camp was set up by JCI Vizag Steel City at E Marripalem Village of Visakhapatnam on the 2nd day of Bandhan. Speaking on this occasion Jc Asha Latha, VP Programs shared the importance of keeping good health by the women to take care of the family.

If you’re a female who wants to maintain glowing health (and happiness) for many years, you should regularly receive well woman checks. These types of examinations can often detect potential medical concerns that need to be addressed right away. I am glad JCI has come up with such program to help rural women to educate on this issue. Jc Ld Dr Raju , Medical Officer

BP and Diabetes test was done on 40 women from the E Marripalem village. LOM JCrt Chairperson Jc Liza Pradhan, promised to provide all possible medical help from JCI, to the community women.

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