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Awards galore for Zone IV at 65th NATCON of JCI India

Zone IV is acknowledged as the cre’me de la cre’me from all of the Zones in JCI India at 65th NATCON held at Vadodra.

JCI PPP Rajita Poosarla who led the Zone as Zone President in the Pandemic year 2020, trounced the COVID-19 situation and surpassed all the targets set for this year in the Zone. Quickly adopting to the new normal, the Zone soar to a new high from the seemingly uncertain slump due to Pandemic. The Zone with a motto “Together We Can” won many accolades and accomplished many first time achievements of Zone IV for the year 2020.

  1. JCI TOYP Award- Mr Akash Chourasia was the awardee from Zone IV

  2. 50 World Congress Registrations, 46 LOM Presidents attended Presidential Academy 2020

  3. First ever daily E Newspaper – “Together We Can” was published

  4. 2 Days ZOTs and LOTs with highest participation of 220 deligates

  5. Trainings across the Zone on the same day -Tribute to Unsung Heros on Teachers day

  6. 8 Days webinar series- Zone IV ka 8 Damaka

  7. Over 500 training sessions in 2020

  8. Release of Zone Business app

  9. Inter Zone B2B, Inter NOM B2B

  10. 52 LOMS conducted Business Trio Days

  11. Zone achieved 2345 with 60 active LOMs

  12. 10.01 Lakhs of LMC

  13. 15 New LOMs including 4 lady LOMs

  14. 17 Senators, highest ever in Zone IV

  15. 3 days JCrt Conference

  16. 4 days of JJC conference

  17. Zone has a 6th Region from this year on

  18. Donated over 3000 units of blood.

  19. The first and only couple in the Zone to be conferred with Phil Phugsley Patron. JCI PPP Rajita Poosarla and JCI PPP Ratan

Awards won by Zone IV at NATCON 2020

  1. Out standing Zone in JCI India- Zone IV

  2. Out standing Zone President in JCI India – JCI PPP Rajita Poosarla

  3. Out standing LOM in JCI India – JCI Vizag Smart

  4. Out standing ZVP in JCI India – JC GSN Varma ZVP Region D

  5. Out Standing LOM President in JCI India – JC Maya Choraria

  6. Out standing Zone Director JC Sainath Gupta ZD G& D

  7. Out standing HGF- JC Swati Rayaprolu

  8. Out standing PPP – JCI PPP Rahul Vedantam ( Past Zone President)

  9. JCI Bharath Award – JCI Sen KMVST Rama Krishna

  10. Outstanding Lady LOM – JCI Rajahmundry Pearls

JCI India National President Excellence Awardees –

  1. JC Soumya ZD Management

  2. JCI Rajahmundry

  3. JCI Rajahmundry Rockstars

  4. JCI Vizag Femipower

  5. JCI Vizag Achievers

Outstanding JCI Bharath

Outstanding PPP of JCI India

Out Standing ZVP of JCI India

Out Standing Zone Officer

Outstanding Zone President of JCI India

National President Excellency

Out Standing HGF Runner up

With all these and many more JCI PPP Rajita Poosarla walks the talk. She believes in “Winners never quit and quitters never win”

JCI India has appointed JCI PPP Rajita Poosarla as the National Director for Programs for the year 2021.

Zone President Zone IV 2020

Congratulations 2020 ZP JCI PPP Rajita Poosarla!

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