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August on average the best performing month for Vizag Steel City

Members of JCI Vizag Steel City were excited about holding physical meetings after the announcement that COVID 19 limitations will be relaxed. Members got together to celebrate birthdays and to pay visits to one other’s houses. The celebration of Independence Day on August 15th drew a large crowd. They met at Appikonda’s neighbourhood beach for a beach cleanup campaign.

JCI Vizag Steel City planned to hold regular clean-up drives at Appikonda beach on Independence Day. Jaycees and their families gathered at the beach on the first day of the campaign and picked up nearly 30 bags of garbage in a 100-square-meter area. ABS Cricket Academy students also participated in the drive, which helped to make it a success.

On the 29th, Vizag Steel City joined up with the Satya Sai Seva Samiti of Ukkunagaram to hold a blood donation drive in Aganampudi village. The campaign collected 44 units of blood for Visakhapatnam’s A S Raja Voluntary Blood Bank. “This year, the LOM had three blood donation camps and collected over 224 units of blood,” stated Jc Ravi Kumar, VP Community Development.

August also saw the addition of three new members to the LOM and the graduation of two members from Speech Craft, which was conducted in Tirupathi and organised by JCI Tirupathi. JC Anudeep and JC Gowri Shankar, both LOM members for over two years, attended this course and graduated to be eligible for the Zone Trainer workshop.

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