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Ahead of Sankranti, celebrations reach a crescendo

Zone Vice President- Elect, Region E, JCI Sen Ranjeet Sah took part in ‘Sankranti Sambaralu’ organised by the JCI Vizag Steel City on Sunday at Gro Green Farms at Desapatrunipalem near Vizag Steel Plant.

Despite the Corona impact, the spirit to celebrate the festival is not dampened. While the Stage is set for Sankranti festivities that will begin across the State from January 14, Vizag Steel City celebrated it early as, many of its members will be moving to their hometown for the same.

Participating in the celebrations organised at Gro Green Farms in Desapathrunipalem on Sunday , ZVP- Elect, Region E JCI Sen Ranjeet Sah said that it’s a great initiation by the LOM VP Programs JC Asha Latha to bring back the cheer to every individual after the Corona year 2020 and praised JCI Vizag Steel City for its togetherness among the members .

LOM President JC Bipak Pradhan congratulated the winners of the fun games organised by the Program Director and thanked her for great initiation and coordination for the event. He said-This celebration is aimed at reviving the togetherness of Steel City Family and Let this togetherness, fun and cheer continue and no pandemic should ever steal it away from us”.

All the LOM Past Presidents, Senior members of the LOM and their family participated with great enthusiasm and welcomed the year 2021.

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