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300 Active Citizens join E-Green Era Group

Over 300 people from all over the world have joined the E-Green Era Group on Facebook to change the way E-Waste is viewed. JCI Vizag Steel City established a Facebook group to reach out to communities all over the world. Each month, the LOM hosts a challenge to raise e-waste awareness. E-Green Era Project Director Jc Leela Rani launched the campaign by enlisting the help of local children to gather e-waste. With the assistance of the Rajahmundry Municipal Corporation, JCI Rajahmundry Pearls obtained 500 kg of E-waste.

Entry form

On March 15th, JCI Vizag Steel City revealed the E- Waste Poster Challenge and shared awareness video on the social media. To participate in the challenge, the participant must fill out a google form. The deadline for submitting an entry is April 30, 2021. “Every participant will receive a participation certificate from JCI Vizag Steel City, and the winners will be suitably awarded,” said the President of the LOM JC Bipak Kumar Pradhan.

The collection will be delivered to Green Waves Environmental Solutions, a Visakhapatnam-based approved E-Waste collector/dismantler. JCI India has incorporated JCI Vizag Steel City’s E- Green Era project as one of the National Programs for the year 2021. Various awareness programmes on E-Waste and its management will be conducted by the LOMs throughout India.

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