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The Fray How To Save A Life Album Zippy

The song was first featured on ABC's Grey's Anatomy, after Alexandra Patsavas, the music supervisor for the show, saw the band perform in Los Angeles. Alexandra then incorporated the song into the second-season episode "Superstition". After its usage in the episode, the song became a minor Hot 100 hit. The song became an "unofficial theme" for the other members of the Grey's Anatomy production after the episode aired, leading to the decision that the song would be used in the main promotion for the third season in the show. Grey's Anatomy is credited with bringing popularity to the song. It was also used in the show's musical episode when Callie was having surgery to save her and baby Sofia's life. It was also used when Derek died and Meredith stood at his bedside. [13] The song also featured prominently in the season five Scrubs episode "My Lunch", and was used as the song of choice for the 'best bits' of season 8 of Big Brother UK.[14]

The Fray How To Save A Life Album Zippy

Though they picked their name out of a ballot box in which fans were asked to jot down suggestions, The Fray live up to their name. Their songs deal with problems we face in life, and how sometimes those problems can weigh us down causing frays in our relationship and faith. With a sound reminiscent of British neo-rock bands like Coldplay and Keane, The Fray were able to imbibe their music with a new wave of freshness, coupled with deep lyrics that evoke a sense of humanity and empathy within their listeners that helped them carve out a space of their own in the industry. With piano ensembles and sing-along choruses like Coldplay, slick sound and deep lyrics like that of Counting Crows and Wallflowers, along with a sense of honesty and emotional maturity attached to emo bands, The Fray really does give its fans the best of all worlds.

The lyrics on both albums revolve around life's problems and issues. Common themes include happiness, sadness, death, the problem of evil, relationships, and war. The honest and emotional nature of the lyrics[75][76] has also had critics labeling the Fray as emo, comparing them to mainstream emo acts like Jimmy Eat World.[30] The Fray's initial songs contained lyrics with strong religious messages. However, by the time they began work on their debut album, the band decided against being an entirely religious outfit because they believe that God has called them away from the "Christian music genre and into a secular market."[77]

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