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Discover Wild Magic by Tamora Pierce: A Captivating Fantasy Adventure with Animal Companions (EPUB)

Wild Magic by Tamora Pierce: A Fantasy Adventure with a Magical Twist

If you are looking for a thrilling and enchanting fantasy novel that will transport you to a world where magic is real and animals are your allies, you might want to check out Wild Magic by Tamora Pierce. This is the first book in the Immortals series, which follows the adventures of Daine, a young girl who discovers that she has a rare and powerful gift called wild magic.

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In this article, we will give you an overview of Wild Magic, its plot, its characters, its themes, its style, its reception, and how you can download it as an EPUB file for your convenience. By the end of this article, you will have a better understanding of why Wild Magic is a captivating fantasy novel that explores the themes of identity, friendship, and courage through the eyes of a young girl with a special connection to animals.

The Plot of Wild Magic

Wild Magic is set in the medieval-inspired kingdom of Tortall, where magic and mythical creatures coexist with humans. The story begins with Daine, a thirteen-year-old orphan who has a knack for handling horses. She is hired by Onua, the royal horsemistress, to help her drive a herd of ponies to the capital city. Along the way, they encounter Numair, a mysterious and powerful mage who senses that Daine has wild magic, a rare ability to communicate with and shape-shift into animals.

Daine soon learns that Tortall is under attack by immortal creatures, such as stormwings, spidrens, and ogres, who have escaped from the Divine Realms after being banished for centuries. She also discovers that she has a hidden past that connects her to these creatures and to the evil mage who controls them. With the help of Numair, Alanna, and other friends, Daine must learn to master her wild magic and use it to defend Tortall from the immortal invasion.

The plot of Wild Magic is fast-paced, exciting, and full of twists and turns. It combines action, adventure, romance, and humor in a way that keeps the reader hooked and entertained. The plot also introduces the main conflicts and mysteries that will be developed and resolved in the rest of the series.

The Characters of Wild Magic

Wild Magic features a diverse and memorable cast of characters, both human and animal, who play important roles in the story. Here are some of the main characters:

  • Daine: The protagonist of the book, a thirteen-year-old girl who has wild magic. She is brave, loyal, compassionate, and curious. She loves animals and considers them her friends. She has a troubled past that haunts her and makes her distrustful of humans. She also has a crush on Numair.

  • Numair: The mentor of Daine, a powerful mage who teaches her how to control her magic and protect herself from danger. He is intelligent, witty, kind, and mysterious. He has a dark secret that he hides from everyone. He also has feelings for Daine.

  • Alanna: The heroine of Tortall, a legendary knight and the King's Champion who befriends Daine and supports her on her journey. She is brave, strong, honorable, and generous. She is also the main character of another series by Tamora Pierce, The Song of the Lioness.

  • Onua: The royal horsemistress who hires Daine as her assistant and helps her find a place in Tortall. She is wise, gentle, friendly, and supportive. She has a bond with horses and respects Daine's wild magic.

  • Other characters: There are many other characters in Wild Magic who add depth and flavor to the story, such as King Jonathan, Queen Thayet, Kitten (a baby dragon), Cloud (Daine's pony), Skysong (Daine's hawk), etc.

The Themes of Wild Magic

Wild Magic explores several themes that are relevant and meaningful for young readers. Here are some of the main themes:

  • Identity: A theme that explores how Daine struggles with her past, her magic, and her sense of belonging in a new world. She has to deal with the trauma of losing her family, the fear of losing control over her magic, and the challenge of fitting in with humans. She also has to discover who she really is and what she wants from life.

  • Friendship: A theme that shows how Daine forms strong bonds with various animals and humans who help her grow and overcome her challenges. She learns to trust others, to value their differences, and to appreciate their loyalty. She also learns to be a good friend in return.

  • Courage: A theme that illustrates how Daine faces her fears and enemies with bravery and determination. She learns to stand up for herself, for her friends, and for what is right. She also learns to accept her mistakes and to forgive herself.

The Style of Wild Magic

the third-person limited point of view, which means that the narrator only reveals the thoughts and feelings of one character, in this case, Daine. This allows the reader to empathize with Daine and to experience the story through her perspective. The style of Wild Magic can be described as follows:

  • Genre: The genre of the book is fantasy, which means that it is set in an imaginary world where magic and mythical creatures exist. The book also has elements of adventure, romance, and humor, which make it appealing to a wide range of readers.

  • Tone: The tone of the book is engaging, lively, and suspenseful. The tone reflects the emotions and moods of the characters and the situations they face. The tone also creates a sense of wonder and excitement for the reader.

  • Language: The language of the book is simple, clear, and descriptive. The language is appropriate for the target audience, which is young adults. The language also helps to create vivid images and sounds in the reader's mind.

The Reception of Wild Magic

Wild Magic was published in 1992 and received mostly positive reviews from critics and readers. Here are some examples of the reception of the book:


  • A review by Kirkus Reviews praised the book for its "well-realized characters, an involving plot, smooth pacing, and a richly detailed setting."

  • A review by School Library Journal called the book "a splendid fantasy, full of humor, adventure, and romance."

  • A review by Publishers Weekly criticized the book for its "uneven pacing and lack of originality."

  • A review by Booklist complimented the book for its "appealing heroine, fast-moving plot, and vibrant descriptions."

Awards: The book was nominated for several awards, such as:

  • The Mythopoeic Fantasy Award for Children's Literature in 1993.

  • The Rebecca Caudill Young Reader's Book Award in 1996.

  • The Colorado Blue Spruce Young Adult Book Award in 1997.

  • Popularity: The book was a bestseller and sold over a million copies worldwide. It also spawned three sequels: Wolf-Speaker, Emperor Mage, and The Realms of the Gods. The book also inspired many fans to create fan art, fan fiction, and fan communities online.

How to Download Wild Magic as an EPUB File

If you want to read Wild Magic on your electronic device, such as a smartphone, tablet, or e-reader, you might want to download it as an EPUB file. An EPUB file is a digital format for ebooks that can adjust to different screen sizes and orientations. It also allows you to customize your reading experience by changing the font size, color, brightness, etc.

There are many sources where you can download Wild Magic as an EPUB file, but not all of them are reliable or legal. Some sources might contain viruses or malware that can harm your device or steal your personal information. Some sources might also violate the copyright laws and infringe on the author's rights.

To help you find a safe and legal source to download Wild Magic as an EPUB file, we have created a table that compares some of the most popular options. Here is the table:

Source Pros Cons Price --- --- --- --- OceanofPDF - Offers a large collection of ebooks in various genres and languages. - Provides direct links to download ebooks without registration or ads. - Supports multiple formats, including EPUB. - Has been accused of piracy and plagiarism by several authors and publishers. - Has been shut down and blocked by some countries and internet service providers. - Does not guarantee the quality or legality of the ebooks. Free - Offers a huge archive of books, music, videos, and other digital content that are in the public domain or have been donated by the creators. - Provides multiple formats, including EPUB, for most ebooks. - Allows users to borrow, download, or read ebooks online. - Does not have the latest or most popular ebooks, especially those that are still under copyright. - Requires users to create an account and sign in to borrow or download ebooks. - Has a limited number of copies and a waiting list for some ebooks. Free Amazon Kindle Store - Offers a vast selection of ebooks in various genres and languages, including bestsellers and new releases. - Provides high-quality and legal ebooks that are compatible with Kindle devices and apps. - Allows users to buy, download, or read ebooks online. - Does not support EPUB format, but a proprietary format called AZW. - Requires users to have an Amazon account and a Kindle device or app to access the ebooks. - Charges different prices for different ebooks, depending on the publisher, author, or region. Varies As you can see, each source has its own advantages and disadvantages, so you should choose the one that suits your needs and preferences best. To download Wild Magic as an EPUB file from one of these sources, you can follow these steps:

  • Go to the website of the source you have chosen.

  • Search for Wild Magic by Tamora Pierce in the search bar.

  • Select the ebook from the search results and click on it.

  • Click on the download button or link and choose EPUB as the format (if available).

  • Save the EPUB file to your device or open it with your preferred ebook reader app.


In conclusion, Wild Magic by Tamora Pierce is a captivating fantasy novel that explores the themes of identity, friendship, and courage through the eyes of a young girl with a special connection to animals. The book has a well-crafted plot, a diverse cast of characters, an engaging tone, and a simple language that make it a enjoyable and inspiring read for young adults. The book also has a positive reception from critics and readers, and has been nominated for several awards. If you want to read Wild Magic on your electronic device, you can download it as an EPUB file from one of the sources we have compared in this article.

We hope that this article has given you a comprehensive overview of Wild Magic by Tamora Pierce and has encouraged you to read it if you enjoy fantasy novels with strong female protagonists and animal companions. If you have any thoughts or questions about the book or the article, feel free to share them in the comments section below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about Wild Magic by Tamora Pierce:

  • Is Wild Magic suitable for children?

Wild Magic is suitable for children who are 12 years old or older, as it contains some scenes of violence, death, and romance that might be disturbing or inappropriate for younger readers. However, parents should use their own discretion and judgment when deciding whether their children can read the book or not.

  • Is Wild Magic part of a series?

Wild Magic is part of a series called The Immortals, which consists of four books: Wild Magic, Wolf-Speaker, Emperor Mage, and The Realms of the Gods. The series follows the adventures of Daine as she learns more about her wild magic and faces new threats and challenges in Tortall and beyond.

  • Are there any other books by Tamora Pierce set in the same world as Wild Magic?

Tamora Pierce has written several other books set in the same world as Wild Magic, which is called Tortall. These books are divided into different series that focus on different characters and time periods in Tortall's history. Some of these series are: The Song of the Lioness, The Protector of the Small, The Daughter of the Lioness, Beka Cooper, and The Numair Chronicles.

  • What is Tamora Pierce's writing style?

paced and exciting plot, and her diverse and memorable characters. She also writes mainly in the fantasy genre, with elements of adventure, romance, and humor. She is known for creating strong and realistic female protagonists who face various challenges and overcome them with courage and intelligence.

  • Where can I find more information about Tamora Pierce and her books?

You can find more information about Tamora Pierce and her books on her official website,, where you can read her biography, her blog, her interviews, her book summaries, her FAQs, and more. You can also follow her on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr.


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