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Code Orange Shatter: The Best Way to Download and Stream Bray Wyatt's Theme Song

Darkest Pixel Dungeon has received recently a new update, numbered 0.6.0. The main text of this wiki page has not been updated yet with these changes and refers to the just previous version 0.5.0-fix1212, but below follows the changelog of version 0.6.0 as featured in-game, copied and pasted from the game's github. Some supplementary notes have been added to the changelog by the wiki after consultation of the game's code, and these supplementary notes have been fact-checked by the game's developer Egoal, and so their chance to contain even minor inaccuracies is low (the original translation of the changelog from Chinese to English has been checked and approved by Egoal as well). The wiki's additions are inside brackets and in italics [like that], while the changelog is displayed in plain text. Also, the wiki's infobox has been updated as well and now leads to a download link for version 0.6.0. You can read Egoal's announcement for version 0.6.0 in reddit here.

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Note that the Ηand of Midas is not actually an artifact, although it is named as one in its game description, and is described as a relic in the game code so it cannot be upgraded. It turns items to gold, practically replacing the selling option from shopkeepers and vendors and making this option available everywhere in the dungeon. In the Evil Greed challenge it is replaced by an Evil Greed variant with the same shape but orange color, that can also transform enemies to gold. It is by default a starting item of all heroes as it is always one of the cat's gifts on depth 0. This item can not become cursed, dropped or upgraded (but its gold gains can be enhanced by the Greedy Midas perk).

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